About The APBC

Welcome to The Pugilist Magazine, the official journal of the Association of Professional Boxing Commissions (APBC)


The APBC is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) through which the Commissions that regulate the Sport of Professional Boxing World-wide are able to cooperate and discuss, as well as introduce regulations for the betterment of the Sport and those that compete, especially within the realms of Licensing and Medical Standards, Ringside Health & Safety, Sanctioning and Competition Rules & Regulations.

Whilst full membership to the APBC is limited to Professional Boxing Commissions, Associate Membership to the APBC is open to all license holders from the World of Professional Boxing, whether an Official, Manager, Promoter, Matchmaker, Coach or Boxer as well as and Championship Boxing Organizations and Boxing Equipment manufacturers

For further information please click here to visit the Association of Professional Boxing Commissions (APBC) Website

or e.mail: office@apbcboxing.com