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The Pugilist, whilst the official journal for the Association of Professional Boxing Commissions (APBC) and mainly publishes industry news from APBC members as well as Championship Organisation, we welcome contributors who would like to be part of our team. If you are interested in writing articles or columns, they should be professionally written, fact-checked and spell-checked. Boxing news, articles, profiles, photos, results, commentary and interviews are always welcome. At this time we offer NO financial compensation for submissions.

Submission of articles: Your act of submission warrants that the story and/or article submitted by you is of your own creation and all copyrights are owned by you. The Pugilist assumes no responsibility for the consequences of the publishing of any work submitted. We assume based on your submission that all work being submitted is ORIGINAL and not in violation of any other existing agreements.

Opinions: Writers and contributors are responsible for their own ideas, opinions, and actions. The Opinions found on The Pugilist are not necessarily those of the staff of Pugilist or it’s parent The Association of Professional Boxing Commissions (APBC). We provide a free environment for people to share ideas and opinions.

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